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medical care in the Avon Valley of South
Warwickshire in partnership with the West
Midlands Ambulance Service


WMAS BobbQ Meeting

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The long awaited meeting with WMAS took place at Stratford Fire Station on 1st February at 8am. Bobby Qayum,CRM, attended on behalf of WMAS with Nick Henry, General Manager, on speaker phone, The principal aim of the meeting was to be advised of WMAS's CFR training, cognisant that AVCFRS was advised on 21st January 2018 too late for the closing date 27th January for them to promote the training opportunites in the press. However opportunities for AVCFRS CFR trainees were advised on the Scheme website and social media leading to two AVCFRS applicants registered with WMAS.

WMAS further advised further training opportunies in the new financial year and are committed to advising our Scheme Coordinator as soon as details are available

Issues regarding the Scheme car, CPAD 'runners', equipment donations to the community were  also discussed

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