Providing support to first-response emergency
medical care in the Avon Valley of South
Warwickshire in partnership with the West
Midlands Ambulance Service

Our Supporters

  • Stratford Town Trust (for Grant Funding)
  • Shakespeare Lions (for Scheme development)
  • VASA (for initial administrative support)
  • Denfield (for website support)
  • Tiddington Community Centre (for financial and PR support)
  • Bancroft Cruisers (for hospitality)
  • Escape Community Arts (Launch venue)
  • Sticky Media (Scheme Car Media)
  • Sally Bee (PR)
  • Stratford Rotary (for Grant Funding)
  • Budgens, Bidford (Donatiion)
  • Tesco (Donation)
  • Salford Priors Parish Council (Donations)
  • Heart of England Community Fund (Donation)
  • Morrrisons (Donation)
  • Waitrose (Donations)
  • Asda (Donatiion)
  • Mr and Mrs Catton (Car)
  • Mr and Mrs|Cleeve (Car)
  • Clifford Chambers Charities (Donation)
  • Warwickshire CC (Councillor Brain Donation)
  • Tiddington Spa (Donation)
  • Mike Strophair (Donation)
  • The Yorke family re: Charity Cycle Ride (Donation)
  • Evesham place Stores (Donation)
  • Marston Sicca P.C (for Grant Funding)
  • Sainsburys,Wellesbourne (Bag Pack hospitality)
  • Alfred Diston (Bequest)
  • Bull Dog Bash (Donation)
  • Stratford Livestock Market (Donation)
  • Monte Carlo or Bust (Donation)